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We accept and appreciate recent and past UFO reports alike. If you have an older report and do not remember the exact details please give us as much as you do remember.

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Use the first empty field below to describe in as much detail as possible what occurred during your sighting or experience. By including all observations like size, shape, color, sound, smell, and speed of event witnessed we may be better enabled to help with any questions you or other visitors may have about your experience.  Such things as weather conditions at the time of sighting, the emotional and mental state of those experiencing the event before, during and after will also help us further our understanding of the data received. 

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Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.  We appreciate your patience as we receive, review and research your report to the best of our resources before posting.  Some reports are withheld for up to 2 months before posting. 

Additional Notes

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