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The 12th annual UFO Daze was a huge success!

This year we had multiple sightings at UFO Daze with 2 different sets of objects. Below are a few reports from witnesses along with videos.

Updated 8/12/02

We wanted to wait until we had all the reports and applicable information before posting this video. We are still in the process of having the UFO videos & pictures analyzed, but at this point we want to share some information that is helping us in determining if this was real or a hoax.

You will need Quicktime to view the following videos. Thanks to Ken Paul, www.cape-mac.org, for recording & releasing these videos.

This video was filmed the night of the UFO sightings. We apologize for the quality of the video as it was done immediately after John & Jim came back from trying to hunt down the source of the objects. Wait a few seconds because the audio appears before the video was turned on.

Interview with John & Jim

This video was filmed the next morning with John, Jim, and Ken down the road where John & Jim went the night of the sightings.

Discovery: The morning after

All videos, pictures, and reports will remain on the site, with full information as to what the investigation eventually reveals.

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If you were a witness to these sightings, please fill out a report form at
or fax your report, video or photos information to 775-257-6486

Additional information will be posted here as it is available.

This page last updated on February 15, 2004